Moon Symbol on iPhone

Moon Symbol on iPhone 

ios10-iphone6-homescreen-control-center-do-not-disturb (moon symbol)

There are many users ask about iPhone moon icon or half moon icon why it appears sometimes in the status bar, Whether the cause by mistake, children, or other reasons. We will know why and all its cases. 

What moon icon means

The crescent moon icon first time appeared with iOS 6, which indicates to Do Not Disturb feature.

If "Do Not Disturb" is enabled, which referenced by the moon symbol in your status bar, means calls, alerts, and notifications that you get while your device is locked will be silenced. There is also the ability to schedule a time or choose who you'll allow calls from.

As we have mentioned half moon symbol in the status bar of your iPhone or iPad means Do Not Disturb is turned on, we could normally do that by two ways:

  •  From your iPhone's Home Screen swipe up from the bottom to get Control Center then tap half moon iconHalf moon symbol on iPhone's Control Center-do not disturb
ios10-iphone6-homescreen moon symbol-control-center-do-not-disturb

  • The second way, tap Setting app on your Home Screen, head to Do Not Disturb option then toggle on Manual option

ios10-iphone6-settings-do-not-disturb to make moon symbol appeared or disappeared

You will notice through the second method that the Do Not Disturb list includes more than one option, each one has been explained.  

  • Manual: If is enabled, calls and alerts received while the Device is locked will be silenced.

  • Scheduled: set a time to enable Do Not Disturb automatically between the hours you choose.

  • Allow Calls From: Allow calls from everyone, no one, your favorites, or specific contact groups stored on your device or your iCloud account.

  • Repeated Calls: If someone calls you twice within three minutes, the call will not be silenced.

  • silence: this allows you to choose if you want to silence calls and notification always even when it's in use or just when the device is locked.  

As previously mentioned you can exclude your favorites and a specific group from this procedure by the option "Allow Calls From", but iOS 10 features an option called Emergency Bypass that enable you to pick out contacts that can make your iPhone ring individually. 

To do that From your Contact find that contact you want to keep in touch with, tap the Edit button, from editing mode you can set the ringtone and text tone. On the next screen, you should see a switch called Emergency Bypass.   

Finally as an answer for the introduction question if you want The crescent moon icon to despair from your status bar then just disable Do Not disturb feature. Not doubt Apple will seek to develop this feature in the next iOS versions as what happens with Emergency Bypass in iOS 10.

Data and images source: Apple Support and Others.

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