How to Delete Photos from iPhone

In the past, before pressing the button to take a picture the matter it was more seriously for several reasons, including the cost.

But now it has been changed with the advent of digital cameras and the adoption of mobile devices seriously for this technology, Apple was the first that has been giving the interests to that. as we have seen in the earlier iPhone lineups

So taking pictures became very simple and accessible. Now the iPhone camera is overridden not just for taking photos but there are many other roles for iPhones' camera

The result often the Camera Roll seize the most storage space on your device. Now we'll learn how to delete photos from iPhone?

To know how much storage space taking up the Camera Roll on your iPhone, head to Settings > General > Usage. Photos & Camera is likely to be at the top of this list.

Apps's storage on you iPhone -Photos and camera size

Tap into any item in the list to see more details about how much storage space it's taking up. The items will be listed by how much storage they occupy.

How to Delete Photos from iPhone

How to Delete a Single photo from an iPhone

From iPhone's home screen click "Photos" icon.

since iOS 7, the Photos app automatically organizes photos into Collections, Moments, and Years. This view method continues with us.

iPhone's Photos app Collections

When you tap on a photo in Years, Collections or Moments view, it opens and giving you options to either Edit, Share or Delete, click on the "trash can" icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to delete it and confirm.

ios 9 delete photo from iPhone tap trash can icon and confirm

How to delete multiple photos at once 

There are two methods to delete multiple photos from your iPhone. The first is you have to select manually each image you want to delete, while the second way is you can select a set of images by one click.  

To remove multiple photos by selecting each one separately: 

From Photos app go ahead to the Camera Roll, once you are there tap on the “Select” button in the upper right corner, to enter selection mode, then select all photos you wish to be deleted. 

ios9 -iPhone 6 delete multiple photos

At the bottom right corner of the screen click on the "trash can" icon to delete them, and confirm.

in iOS 10 you can tap, hold, and slide to select multiple photos or videos in a single swipe.

How to quickly delete multiple iPhone photos at once 

The second way to delete multiple photos at once, it is very faster than the previous method, so is allowing you to select a set of photos by one tap, rather than selecting each one separately. This is done by "Moment" view.

To do that enter to Photos app then tap the "Photos" tab at the bottom of your screen. to appear with you Years, Collections, and Moments view, then directed to a specific collection, wearer you will get on "Moments" view.

Once you are in the "Moments" view, tap on “Select” button in the top right corner, to notice all the photos in that Moments view are selected, you can also deselect all those by tapping on the “Deselect” button.

to select or deselect photos from your Photos app

After the selecting, tap on the "Trash Can" icon at the bottom right of the screen, and confirm deleting photos.

How to delete all photos at once

Actually, there are many users asking on how to delete all iPhone photos at once or by one click, but it seems that can't be implemented through your iPhone that running iOS 7 or later, this was possible in iOS 6 from "Usage" setting under "General" section, to pick "Photos & Camera", will appear with you the storage space of your iPhone's Camera Roll, Photo Library, and Photo Stream. Then swipe on Camera Roll item to show the Delete button, clicking on that button lead to deleting all photos from your iPhone’s Camera Roll.

Photos and camera section Camera Roll, Photo Library, and Photo Stream

How to delete photo albums from iPhone

Click  Photos app then tap the "Albums" at the bottom right corner of the screen.

  • Once you are in Albums section tap "Edit" button at the upper right corner of the screen. 
  • Usually, you will get a red circle in front of albums that you have created, unlike Camera Roll and Photo Steam albums. Tap the red circle icon that associated with the album you want to delete, then you will get a big Delete icon to the right of the album. 

edit albums on Photos appcelect to delete albums on Photos app

  • Tap "Delete" and Confirm that you want to "Delete Album".

select to delete an albumconfirm deleted album

  • the last step Select "Done" at the upper right corner of the screen.

How to delete photos from iPhone by using Windows computer

This way is very quick and simple. Connect your iPhone to a computer.

  • Choose Start > Computer (My Computer). 
  • Double-click the iPhone logo to browse its camera folders. 
  • Navigate to Apple iPhone/Internal Storage/DCIM/100APPLE. 
  • Manually copy the Photos in this folder to your computer, in case you want to keep them. For deleting select all, then delete.

"Recently Deleted" album

since iOS 8 Apple has added "Recently Deleted." album gives you the ability to recover the recently deleted photos in case you’ve deleted them accidentally. You will note items in the Recently Deleted album have an indicator shows the time remaining for the photos to be permanently deleted. By default 30 days after being marked for deletion. 

How to delete photos and video permanently from you iPhone and iPad 

The showing photos and videos in the Recently Deleted album, means these deleted photos and video will remain to take up space on your device for 30 days. Thus to free up your iPhone or iPad space you must delete these photos but without the ability to recover them again. To do this:
  • Open the Photos app from the Home screen.
  • At the bottom right corner tap on the Albums tab.
  • Go ahead to Recently Deleted albums tap on it to open it.
  • Select photos or tap the photo you want to delete, then tap on "Delete" option at the bottom left corner.
  • It will appear with you a popup informing you that "this action cannot be undone." Tap on "Delete Photo" to confirm.

delete photos permanently from your iPhone

How to delete or remove photos from iPhone by using Mac and Windows PCs

Import the Camera Roll to your computer (Mac/win:XP/vista/7/8) and choose to delete items after import.

How to remove synced photos from iPhone 

You can sync photos to your device by two way:
  • Open iTunes and connect your iPhone. 

sync photos by iTunes
  • Click the iPhone button in the upper right corner.
  • Click the Photos tab.

sync photos to iPhone- photos-tab

1. From a folder on your computer to your device

Place all of your photos into a folder on your computer. You can organize photos into subfolders to make albums [in this example the name for this folder is (my Photos) placed on the Desktop.]

  • Select "Sync Photos from."

  • Select "Choose folder" from the pop-up menu and choose the folder (my photos) where you stored your photos. 
  • Click Apply.

2. From a Mac or Windows PC to your device using photo applications

  • Select "Sync Photos from."
sync photos to iphone select app
  • Choose the application you want to sync photos from in the pop-up menu. 
  • Choose to sync all photos or selected photos. 
  • Click Apply.

How to delete synced photos from an iPhone 

To delete all synced photos, deselect "Sync Photos from" and when asked, click "Remove photos."

delete synced photos from iPhone "remove phtos" option

Click Apply.

In this tutorial we don't talk about Photo Stream because it has been mentioned in the earlier post, there are other methods, and third party apps facilitate the dealing with photos.

Some info has been updated

The post source and more updated info visit Apple support.

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  4. Sad to say this simply doesn't work for me on my iPhone 5 running up-to-date iOS7. I want to delete an album &/or pix within an album. Following instructions I bring up the album on the screen but "Edit" does not provide a Red Dot to make deletion possible. Alternatively, I can access my iPhone from Windows on my PC but can access only 1 folder, DCIM, which contains photos and it has only about 64 photos of several thousand total in my phone. Please help! Thanks, George

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