How to Delete Apps from iPhone

We have talked in the earlier about how to retrieve some iPhone's storage space through deleting photos. The other thing that might taking up a good bit space on the iPhone are the apps. So how to delete or uninstall apps from your iPhone? Especially these apps or games might used rarely or maybe since the first day of  its installing, and with existance the large number of these apps, could clog your iPhone.

To remove or uninstall apps from iPhone, there are more than one method, the all are very simple.

How to delete apps from iPhone

How to delete iPhone apps through iPhone's home screen

From your iPhone’s home screen press and hold down the icon of any app, after a few seconds, all apps will begin to wiggling and your downloaded apps will show tiny "X" icons beside them.

Click on the 'X' in the upper-left corner of the app you would like to delete.

A message prompt you to confirm the deletion, tap “Delete” to confirm, then the app will be deleted from your iPhone.

After you have deleted the apps you want to delete just press the iPhone "Home" button to go back to the normal state.

If the "X" icon don't show up during the process that means the setting is disabled from "Restrictions" option. To enable it follow the path: 

Click on the "Settings" button on your home screen, select "General", then select "Restrictions", if prompted enter your 4 digit PIN code, move to "Disable Restrictions" screen, look for the entry titled "Deleting Apps," turn it from OFF to ON.

How to quickly delete iPhone apps through "Usage" setting

In earlier we have seen that through the "Usage" setting how you can view all apps installed on your device, and how much storage space each app is taking on it, also through this setting you can delete the apps, this way may would be better than its preceding at least in two things: If you have the apps in more than folders, in this case you have to go through all your folders to see what you have installed, while you can direct access to all apps installed on your iPhone in one page. the second thing the setting allows you to identify the massive apps to get rid of them, usually the apps are sorted by the size of storage space.

To get "Usage" setting: From your iPhone’s home screen, tap the "Settings" button, "General", then choose "Usage" once you are in, scroll to the app that you want to delete, tap on it.

Tap the "Delete App."option, confirm that you want to delete the app and it will be gone.

How to delete apps from iPhone using iTunes

Open iTunes, and select your iPhone from the top right of the screen.

Select "Apps" from the menu bar.

From the menu at the top left select the the app you want to delete and click "Remove" icon and click "Apply" to confirm the deletion, or right-click on the app and select Delete.

You can also delete iPhone apps from the top right under Home Screens option.

Select a home screen that contains the app you would to delete, then click on the "x" icon to delete it.

We would like to point out that you can move the apps when are wiggling, and for the pre-installed app usually Apple doesn't allow you to simply delete its own apps. But you can organise them into folders, that during the wiggling of the apps drag the app on to the second app you want to be in the folder

Your iPhone will automatically generate a title for this folder based on the descriptions of these apps, but if you tap this name you can rename it.

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