Monday, September 15, 2014

Samsung in Less than One Week, New Ad Attacks iPhone 6 Plus

In less than a week Samsung has introduced a set of ads poking fun for latest Apple media event, and its latest products. The new ad talks about how the company first introduced the Galaxy Note series in 2011, and the iPhone 6 Plus has come to imitate the Note phablet series.


The ad after it gave a glimpse on Galaxy Note's history, began to talk about some of the features of the phablet, like multi-window multitasking and its S-Pen stylus. After that the ad shows articles, that contains criticizing for Samsung on the release of Galaxy Note due to its large size, before showing articles praising Apple for releasing the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 Plus.

The ad also selected some tweets, that criticizing Apple for releasing the iPhone 6 Plus three years after Samsung started this line of devices. To end with the release date for Galaxy Note 4.

Last week just after ending of Apple Keynote, Samsung has release a series of web ads, poking fun at the live stream's struggles, iPhone 6's screen size, Apple Watch, and more, as the video playlist shows bellow.

This is not the first time where Samsung poking fun of Apple, its products, and fans. Perhaps one of the most famous, that depicting people waiting in line for the latest iPhone, while passersby carrying the Samsung Galaxy S II, which has the better features.

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