A Comprehensive List of Main and Hidden iOS 9 Features

Apple last Wednesday released iOS 9 to the public after a few months in beta, the first announcement, was at its annual Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) on June 8, 2015. Now, everyone who has an iPhone 4s or later, iPad 2 or later, 5th-generation iPod touch or later, or any iPad mini, run by iOS 8 and has 1.5 GB free space became able to download iOS 9. this done either from iTunes or from Software Update option: Home screen=> Setting =>General then Software Update.

iOS 9 don't differ from iOS 8 in general style, what Apple done this time is more concentrated on under-the hood improvements, so the performance will be better, more stable, iOS upgrade will be smooth and space storage will be less, in addition of an hour battery life, with a new Low Power mode can be extend even further.

Intelligence and Proactivity

Apple focused more on intelligence and proactivity, consisting of the newly integrated Siri and Search. Siri in iOS 9 is aware of what is currently onscreen and can reminder you about some thing you browse by saying Remind me about 'this' in a choice time or place, you can also ask Siri to show you photos that was shot in a specific place or time.

Your iOS 9 devices can expect what is your next action to save your time and effort, that based on your behavior that related with time, location and more, so they will suggest what sort of app you need at a specific time to open it, the Search screen displays will suggest apps, nearby points, current news stories and more (to open Search screen with proactive suggestions, swipe to the left on the first Home screen,) or when you plug your headphones iOS 9 device will recognize you might want to continue the podcast that you didn't finish in the last time, the matter vary in your car when you connect via Bluetooth so your playlist will be suggested for the ride home. There are many aspects covered by this proactive assistant.

Adding events to Calendar
If you get an email with a flight reservation or a restaurant confirmation, iOS 9 can create a suggested event in Calendar for you. 
Timely reminders
If your Calendar events include locations, iOS 9 assesses traffic and notifies you when it’s time to leave. When you’re ready to go, directions will be ready for you — or simply snooze the notification if you need a little longer. 


in iOS 9 you can turn your keyboard into a traditional trackpad just by two-finger drag on it, that makes the editing process easier; to position cursor or select a text. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6S Plus owners press on the keyboard is another option to access that. on iPad there is a shortcut bar on the top of the keyboard to access common text function like cut, copy and undo, Shift key is clear now in all iOS devices. 

News App

iOS 9 includes a new Apple's pre-installed News app which aggregates contents from such as The New York Times, ESPN,CNN, and Wired, the experience has also opened for dedicated publishers, the display of those topics will be arranged on grounds of your interests. Currently the service limited on U.S, United Kingdom coming in iOS 9.1. 

Notes App

One of the most apps that received many refinements was the Notes app. Now there are the ability to add images, documents, links to websites, Map locations and more, all notes can be viewed in a single view from the notes list, whilst a number of different tools has been added to draw sketches including a ruler for straight lines, and many option to add inline checklists. Notes now sync using iCloud Drive, and compatible with other devices that use iOS 9, or Mac Notes with 10.11 OS or higher.

The iPhone 4S, iPad 2, the first iPad Mini generation and iPod Touch (5th generation) do not support the Sketch feature of the Notes application. 

Other App:Maps, Mail, iCloud Drive...

Apple has added a new iCloud Drive app to Home screen app which allows you to access any file you have saved on you iCloud with the ability to share or edit it.

Many built-in apps have been improved included Mail, Message, Maps and others, now there are a Transit direction in Maps, Mail now Support saving attachments to iCloud Drive, and new icons added to left and right swipe gestures and other changes.

Apple Pay has been renamed to Wallet support for store loyalty cards and gift cards. Find My iPhone and Find My Friends are now pre-installed which means you don't need to download them from App Store, you can't delete them easily too. 


One of the most awaited feature from iPad users is Multitasking tool that allows users to interact with two apps or tasks simultaneously, but unfortunately is not supported from older iPad generations, you access three mode of Multitasking: 

iOS 9  Multitasking Slide Over

The first is Slide Over, that works on iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad mini 2 and higher. This one begin when user swipe from the right edge of the display to appear a skinny side window that allows you to open another app with all functionalities to view over the primary app that you are working on, you can slide that app away or bring it back at any time to respond or continue the work. However, whilst the Slide Over panel is active which takes up the width of 33% of the screen size, you cannot interact with primary app that takes up 66% of the display, to interact with two apps simultaneously you have to extend Slide Over window towards the left of the screen until you have a 50%/50% split. which means you are in Split View mode, that enable you to interact with two apps simultaneously side-by-side this mode working only on iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro. 

iOS 9  Multitasking:  Split View

Picture in Picture mode is another section of Multitasking feature that related with video apps or Face Time calls which enable you by pressing on Home button to scale down that video in a corner with the ability to place this mini keeps-playing video window in any appropriate place, while you have the choice to open and interact with any other app. The Picture-in-Picture mode available on the same devices that supported by slide Over mode. 

iOS 9  Multitasking: Picture in Picture 

iOS 7 was a revolution in iOS design and style, while iOS 8 has opened many fields that were restricted for others third party developers and opened more on lifestyle area, while iOS 9 came to consolidate those previous elements and to add on it intelligence and proactivity. 

iOS 9 will be pre-installed on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. The list below contains almost all changes that came with iOS 9, it has been copied from Wikipedia with some omissions and changes that concerning languages, developers, also to avoid repetition and elongating.


  • Added landscape view.
  • Adds support for reproductive health, UV exposure, water intake and sedentary state data types
  • Safari extension to turn a webpage into a PDF and open it in iBooks.
  • You can now save the attachments you receive or add attachments to your messages from iCloud Drive or other document providers while composing a new message
  • Support for saving attachments to iCloud Drive.
  • Icons added to left and right swipe gestures.
  • Support for Markup lets you annotate an image or PDF attachment with text, shapes as well as signatures


  • Contact Pictures in list view.
  • Redesigned overlay when sending an audio clip.


  • Stream High Quality option in Music Settings.
  • Home Sharing returns (removed in iOS 8.4).
  • Updated design of share menus.

Notification Center/Notifications

  • Notifications are no longer sorted by application, they can instead be sorted by day starting with recent notifications.
  • Adds WiFi Calling support for iPhone users on AT&T. This feature was previously limited to T-Mobile and Sprintusers.
  • Support for Wi-Fi calling on iPad, iPod touch and Mac, without iPhone in proximity on participating carriers.
  • Added preview scrubber bar to photo viewer.
  • Screenshots and Selfies albums added.
  • Hide photo added to Share Sheet.
  • Ability to hold and select multiple photos.


  • The Podcasts App has a new Unplayed tab which will show you your podcasts which have not yet been played.
  • All-new design to make it easier to find the latest episodes
  • Notification when new episodes become available


  • Share Sheet extension.
  • Shows number of overdue items for each list next to title.


  • "Find on page" and "Request Desktop Version" now accessed from Share Sheet.
  • Support for content blockers.


  • You can now search settings.
  • There are now video recording settings to change the quality of your recorded videos.
  • There is a new iCloud Drive app which can be enabled in the iCloud Settings.
  • Battery moved to the top level.
  • Updated Notifications icon.
  • Additional options for Auto-Lock.


  • Adds 15 new wallpapers to iOS which replaces most of the wallpaper present in iOS 8
  • When changing wallpapers, there is a new "Still" option which keeps the wallpaper still.


  • Renamed from Apple Watch.
  • Updated haptic feedback icons.
  • Battery improvements
  • Up to one hour of additional time before you need to charge your battery
  • Facedown detection for turning display off when not in use
  • New Low Power Mode (iPhone only) disables Background App Refresh, Mail Fetch, Motion Effects, and Animated Wallpapers. It also extends device's battery life by up to three hours.
  • Low Power Mode turns off when device is connected to a power source.
  • Notification Center Widget (when paired with Apple Watch).


  • Siri has a new colorful interface, similar to that of the Apple Watch.
  • Removed sound from Siri activation.
  • Updated Siri icon in Settings.
  • Search your personal photos and videos based on dates, locations and album names
  • Ask Siri to remind you about things you’re looking at in your apps, including Safari, Mail, Notes and Messages
  • Request directions via public transit
  • Siri can now use an accent (same language) which differs from your input language.
  • Siri no longer asks you to confirm reminders that are created.

Spotlight Search

  • A more intelligent Spotlight search provides info such as Weather, News, Stocks, nearby places, and recent/favorite contacts based on the user's preference. Spotlight search can be activated by swiping to the left on the home screen or swiping down on the first page of the home screen.
  • Perform tasks such as currency conversions and calculations.
  • Get sports scores, weather conditions and stock prices
  • Initiate messages, phone calls and FaceTime calls from contact search results

Security improvements

  • Touch ID devices now use a 6-digit passcode by default, though a 4-digit option is still available alongside options for a passcode with a custom number of digits and an alphanumeric passcode.
  • Adds 2-factor authentication for iCloud on iOS.
  • Adds support for add a IKEv2 VPN directly in Settings without need for third-party app

Sources: Apple, Wikipedia 
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