LifeProof Launched New 'FRĒ Power' Waterproof Battery Case Edition for iPhone 6s

FRE power battery waterproof iPhone 6 case
Lifeproof company is one of the most rugged phone cases manufacturers, it has launched a new version of its FRE Power case to be compatible with iPhone 6s, in addition to its protection purpose LifeProof promises to double the iPhone's battery life, which features a 2,600 mAh battery, offering up to twice the battery life of the iPhone 6s on its own, and once your iPhone is completely charged the case automatically shuts off to avoid wasting power.

The case should protect your iPhone against drops, water, dirt, and snow. The case features a built-in scratch protection screen that won't interfere with functions like 3D Touch, Retina Flash, or fingerprints ID sensor. LifeProof company said the PRE Power case will let users take Live Photos and 4K videos "in almost every environment."

We challenge our engineers to defy what is expected and they've gone well beyond that with our waterproof iPhone 6s battery case," said LifeProof President and CEO Pete Lindgren. "FR? Power provides protection and power so you can adventure further than ever before. The combination of iPhone 6s Live Photos and 4k video with double the battery life from FRĒ Power lets you capture better content and keep shooting longer than ever before."
The FRE Power iPhone 6s case costs 129.99 and should ship on Friday, November 6, in three colors options: black, blue and white/gray, however only an all-black model can be pre-ordered at this moment, the others are listed as "coming soon." Those interested can visit LifeProof's official website. Last year iPhone 6 version is also available, there is no iPhone 6s Plus edition up to now.
LifeProof Launched New 'FRĒ Power' Waterproof Battery Case Edition for iPhone 6s LifeProof Launched New 'FRĒ Power' Waterproof Battery Case Edition for iPhone 6s Reviewed by Yahaya Lamtalssi on Sunday, October 25, 2015 Rating: 5


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