Low Power Mode Feature in iOS 9 How To Prolong Your Battery Life Through It

One of the most thing that could rob our pleasure when we are engrossed on our phones is limited amount of the battery life. Mostly smartphone companies sacrifice battery size which means extra hours-usage on our devices for thinness and lightness. 

The battery size is important but improving and developing smartphones operating systems and apps could also extend battery life, and that what Apple has done with iOS 9, so the devices running by that iOS could endure one additional hour, by preventing the screen to turn on when your iPhone is facedown on the table. Last year Apple brought a new setting with iOS 8 enables you through a list to know which apps consume battery profusely.

This year iOS 9 comes with a new feature called "Low Power Mode," which allows you to increase your battery life up to three hours but at expense of some functions of your iPhone. Low Power Mode not available on iPads.

Enabling the feature just takes some simple steps:
  • From Home screen tap on Settings app.
  • Select Battery from Setting section.
  • Turn the Low Power Mode to On position.
  • You will notice Battery icon turns to yellow color. 

Your iPhone in this mode will reduce or turn off some background activities and visual effects, so in this case for example mail must be fetched manually, background app refresh, and automatic download are disabled, and motion, animations, and brightness are reduced. 

In addition to enabling the feature voluntarily for certain conditions, your iPhone will prompt you with a popup message when your battery level goes below 20 percent, allowing you to quickly toggle Low Power Mode on, so you can continue using your iPhone with necessary functions until you are able to recharge it. You will also notice during the recharging Low Power Mode turns off automatically at 80 percent level, therefore if you still need the mode, after the recharging toggle it on again.

There are many users who impressed Low Power Mode feature one of those, his own iPhone 5s has been able to last 110 hours standby with 5 hours of usage by enabling the feature at 100 percent battery life level, instead of a day and a half with an hour of usage daily. While there are others wondered why it isn't extended to iPads, and other notes like: why it isn't accessible from Control Center, and why it turns off automatically and don't turns on also automatically at crucial level. 

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Low Power Mode Feature in iOS 9 How To Prolong Your Battery Life Through It  Low Power Mode Feature in iOS 9 How To Prolong Your Battery Life Through It Reviewed by Yahaya Lamtalssi on Saturday, October 03, 2015 Rating: 5

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